"The place where singers and musicians come first"

Music is the way of life. In today's world any function or event is made successful by getting the right singer & musicians. Many a times it is difficult to hunt for a specific talent for getting the performance carried out.

In general, getting a talented singer/performer to your event has been done purely through references which originated out of our very own limited network of friends and family.

GannaBajaana is conceptualised by a team of like-minded individuals, who wish for creating a digital platform for singers and musicians. aims for increasing that network of friends and family to create a digital marketplace where singers/performers can connect with and interact/confirm their performances with people all across the globe without any limitation of geography or physical recommendations.

Gaanabajaana is a neutral platform that neither influences nor limits anyone's opportunity, nor charges a commission out of anyone's income. It is focused on making sure the musicians and singers get the opportunities they deserve.

Gaanabajaana is a user friendly platform that allows users to interact with event organisers , book events or gigs no matter which city or town you are located in, and also helps singers/performers build a fanbase for themselves.

Our aim is to facilitate fruitful interaction between artists and event promoters. It helps talent to overcome their lack of opportunities, especially in getting them noticed on the national stage as far as event promoteions are concerned. Gaanabajaana is a simple platform that helps event promoters and organisers by giving them a choice of artistes to facilitate planning of their events.

No matter how big or small the event is, no matter where it is, Gaanabajaana will have the perfect performing solution for it.

For getting started simply log on to and explore the opportunities in the Music world.