Rohit Vasudevan

Rohit Vasudevan


Rohit Vasudevan

Singer, Musician

Male, Mumbai

Price: 60000.00

Singing Language: Hindi

Singing Category: Pop, Bollywood, Rock

Instruments: Sarangi


Starting their musical journey with performances in Pune at venues that include Blue Frog Pune,
High Spirits, Euriska, Swig etc, they have gone onto perform at Blue Frog (Mumbai), Rock Studio
(Ahmedabad), Café Infinito (Mumbai). RVD went on to perform on a Television program Music Mojo
which was aired on the channel Kappa TV on 5th July 2014. More recently, RVD did a mini tour
playing at IIM Bengaluru, Unmaad ‘15 and Kerala Coir Festival ‘15, EMS Stadium, Allepey and Mojo
Rising Music Festival ‘15, Kochi.