Prashant Brahmane

Prashant Brahmane


Prashant Brahmane

Singer, Musician, Teacher

Male, Pune

Price: 1000.00

Singing Language: Hindi, Urdu

Singing Category: Classical, Bollywood, Ghazal

Teaching Language: Hindi, Marathi, Urdu

Teaching Category: Classical

Teaching Instrument: Tabla, Tanpura, Harmonica

Instruments: Sarangi


Zid is a senior management human resource professional turned philosopher who is blessed with artistic perspective beyond a class. He has an intense understanding of humans & a distinguished perspective of humanity. From an engineer to a brand management professional to human researcher to an author, to a mentor to an intensely artistic human being, Zid is a transformed soul. His quest for discovering throws up treasures & distributes light perpetually. He is a natural thinker, intent learner who throws himself at intellectual challenges without a fuss. He is a modern poet with classical touch. He gives you pleasant feeling of coming out of turn. He retains the best of the style & expressions found in the hay days of Urdu poetry. The poet displays enormously free mindset to express himself practically on every sensitive subject of living. In that sense Zid Ki Shayari is refreshing experience that brings ghazal out of the traditional limits of subjects & expressions. Thus very rarely Zid phrases himself on wos ike mai, nasha, rind, saki, mainoshi, piyala etc. On one side he extends the subjects & on the other side he details the subjects. Hence most his of ghazals look like never ending stream of thoughts and expressions. Although Zid is driven heavily by the same poetic aspirations as that of the legends, he goes for new experimentation in each of his poetry. Thus Zid ki Shayari is a transcendental experiment to communicate wholesomely about the world with the world.

Zid ki shayari is for classes. It is for people who are driving deep into their own lives to find meaning & substantial content. That is to take care of the peripheral stress & tiredness due to the lack of meaningful cognizance. One could feel the rhythm in his ghazal and even a commonest of common musical mind could easily put the ghazal to some sort of tune. Knowing well that understanding of the Urdu language is waning as much as its popularity, Zid goes on to create the feel of the ghazal so much musical that irrespective of meaning of the words or the phrases the ghazal sticks to the mind as experience of expressions worthy of human recall. Being a musician and a trained singer in Indian classical music himself, he leaves no stone
unturned in embellishing his ghazals to create a musical movement.

Zid ki shayari makes an extraordinary effort to expand the horizon of the ghazal by taking the reader to the newer level of subject consciousness through the last line; the Makta. It offers enough escape velocity to enter a new world. His verses repeatedly fly into the zenith of meaning in every individual composition. Above all
Zid ki shayari is also Insaniyat Ki Shayari. As it touches the chord of humanity incessantly and the reader feels he is talking to someone all the time. Zid Ki Shayari is a committed effort to offer communicational route for fostering humanity together, adding beauty of expressions to their lives, strengthening the bonds of love and
romance without overlooking the pains & sufferings of human life. While doing so, his poetry fulfills the principle promise of the pen name- Zid; the passion; throughout the journey of 108-ghazals. That passion he delicately & dedicatedly distributes to everyone.

Zid Ki Shayari offers an excellent status event or the host family. The program duration of 120-minutes or thereabout would be full with musical excellence, literary legance, romance, philosophy & elegant humor. The program is largely interactive creating a feel of a journey through the beauty meaning & bathing in the ecstasy. Welcome aboard the journey to beauty in search of meaning!
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Prashant Brahmane
Prashant Brahmane
Prashant Brahmane