Gaurav Kotian

Gaurav Kotian


Gaurav Kotian


Male, Mumbai

Instruments: Guitar


I am happy to introduce myself as a young, enthusiastic and ambitious music professional.
The very novel offering I have is a "GLASS HARP"
I have developed (created) this instrument out of a set of wine glasses and the magic happens when water goes into these glasses thus producing music when my fingers instruct them

I am happy to share this link with you.
Request you to take some time out and watch me play the Glass Harp.
Since it is a very rare craft with no one in India attempting it, I become the only one to play it

I perform at Corporate events and weddings as of now.
I would like to strike a synergy with your enterprise in a way that benefits us.
I am very confident of treating everyone with some soul soothing moments with my performance

Once you watch my link, please let me know an appropriate time to speak to you.
We could together Make It Happen !!
Thanks & Regards