Talha Siddiqui

Talha Siddiqui


Talha Siddiqui


Male, Mumbai

Price: 3000.00

Experience: Worked for Clients, Shows and Events.

Singing Language: English, Hindi

Singing Category: Pop


Hi this is TS aka Talha Siddiqui.
I am rapper and a lyricist.

Me and my team make Rap songs and are capable of doing live performances or making themed base songs and raps for clients.

You can go throw the attached link or attached file. It was made for a Client who wanted a Rap song for his brother's Wedding. The entire Song, lyrics, rap and beats were customized according to his needs.

To know more about me you can checkout my fb page:

In case you also want to create Music / Song / Rap for your client or Simply want Rapper to perform live in any of your event do contact me.