The Family

The Family


The Family

Singer, Musician

Female, Maharashtra

Price: 50.00

Experience: Dhruvi Singh, is western vocalist, trained to sing deep and enchanting notes to uplift lives through her voice. Johaan Thekkan, is a certified and graduated Music Producer and Sound Engineer. They hav

Singing Language: English, Hindi

Singing Category: Pop, Bollywood, Rock

Instruments: Tabla, Sarangi, Tanpura, Harmonica


DISCLAIMER : All the content mentioned below are purely fictitious except the names, content and all the facts written.

A band of 2, who are like 2 different points of line triangle, the equinox being their music and its heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, eye-boggling, ear tingling and unnerving effects on you.

The estrogen drive is charged by the melodramatic, hyper, and intense Dhruvi Singh. Her abilities include : Creating problematic situations, throwing tantrums and being moody. She is carefree individual with a quirky sense of fashion and a wicked sense of humor. She may also be the vocalist of the band.

The testosterone drive is charged by the dominant male (and only remaining) member of the band Johaan Thekkan.

Obviously the least important member of the band ; Johaan Thekkan. He brings in a saturated amount of humor, mystery, reality and tardiness. His abilities include : being absolutely and randomly whimsical. That’s all. And he may also be an absolute musical genius. But who cares?

But together, we make a very beautiful present wrapped up in a twirled ribbon spiraling down to a musical wonderland. We are also genre-free, so there ought to be something that you’d like out of our music.. We also do not mind groupies and people fan girling about them, so go ahead and do so.

As required, we can come as a DUO or a BAND. We can do Acoustic duo or band, we can do electric duo or band. You can ask of it as per requirement.