Jignesh Sheth

Jignesh Sheth


Jignesh Sheth

Musician, Teacher

Male, Gujrat

Experience: More than 15 years

Teaching Language: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Teaching Category: Classical, Bollywood

Teaching Instrument: Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla, Violin, Harmonium, Flute, Harmonica, Piano

Instruments: Drum, Tabla, Saxophone, Sarangi, Harmonica


JIGNESH ... a young versatile musician ... loves to create
something soul taking....... who has been performer of classical
tabla and guitar and also have been teaching in the same as
above. Also working as a music composer, arranger and
Disciple of Tabla Legend Guru Shri PT. ANINDO CHATTERJI AND
PT. DIVYANG VAKIL..., JIGNESH is the founder of music academy
known as “VERSATILE ".
He also has been working with recognized kathak exponents
Shri Maulik Shah – Ishira Parikh at Anart Foundation,
Ahmedabad and many other renowned Artists.